Imam Ali Highway Pipe – Line


Imam Ali Pipe – Line is constructed in 3000 m length to collect and convey
surface water of Imam Ali Highway to Sorkheh Hesar Canal .
This structure is constructed by laying PE pipes and costing in-situ concrete
inside consolidated semi-oval cross section tunnel and trench, as well as
execution of all other subsidiary structures including water collectors,
manholes, rubbish removal basins, and the other relevant works necessary
for operating the tunnel.


Total work based on primary contract



700000 kg

Steel work


Cast in place concrete

200,000 m² (1cm)



Wooden works

48,000 m² (15cm)


3,000 m

Pipe- laying (Φ 1000 mm)


Type of structurePipe-Laying in Reinforced Concrete Tunnel
Length2,000 m
Dimensions W:2,600 mm H: 3,000 mm
Pipe Diameter1,000 mm
Type of structurePipe-Laying in Reinforced Concrete Trench
Length 1,000 m
Dimensions W:3,000 mm H: 4,000 mm
Pipe Diameter 1,000 mm
Type of structurePipe-Laying in Reinforced Concrete Manholes
Number32 m
Dimensions W:2,000× 2,000 mm H: 10 m
Pipe Diameter 1,200 mm & 1,400 mm
Location South of Tehran
Start date2013
Duration6 months
ClientTehran Municipality
Consultant Sazian Consulting Engineers