• Quality Commitment
Quality Policy (From C.E.O)
  • Te-tisse Construction Company as a long standing and experienced company for execution of construction projects such as dam and tunnel, water and wastewater, road and building, as well as oil projects, is aiming to develop our dear homeland, IRAN, improving the level of employer’s satisfaction and participating in local and international competitions; so it has established Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001; 2000. For achieving the said goals, the following principles encompass all activities of the Company:
    • Execution of projects on schedule and on time.
    • Execution of projects with high quality that meet the employer’s satisfaction.
    • Employing experienced and skilled manpower in all levels of the company.
    • Improving the skilfulness of our manpower by applying continuous training.
    • Giving continuity to the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.
    • Prompting the cultivation of giving priority to the quality and system of communal cooperation in all levels of the company.
    • Observing the rules of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) in the execution of projects in order to preserve the good health of the personnel and to protect the environment.
    • Using efficient machinery and equipment in execution of the projects.

    The C.E.O of the Company has obliged himself to support the Quality Management System by improving the skilfulness of the personnel concerning fundamentals, aims and objectives of the Quality Policy as well as revising, improving, and affecting all the processes, procedures, and factors of the Quality Management System.

Quality Management

  • In order to improve the satisfaction of employers and to present acceptable works in all qualified grounds of works as well as to increase technical knowledge and to develop skills of personnel, Te-tisse company decided to establish Quality Management based on ISO 9001- 2000; having passed necessary processes, this Quality Management System was established in all activities of this company since 2005, and the certification has been issued by Global Group.