• Qualifications

Rank No.1 in the field of Water

  • Construction of dams and dikes
  • Construction of hydro-power plant
  • Hydraulic structures and hydro-tunnels
  • Water tanks and water distribution networks
  • All works of water and wastewater treatment plants in large scales including construction, plants and equipment
  • Water transmission pipelines
  • Construction of water and wastewater pumping station in large scales
  • Wastewater collection and transmission networks
  • Construction of water transmission canals, and drainage networks
  • Shore and off-shore structures
  • Construction of basins and pools

Rank No.3 in the field of Construction

  • All affairs relevant to steel and concerte buildings in large scales

Rank No.4 in the field of Infrastructure and Equipment

  • Gas-line Networks
  • Hydro – mechanic plants of dams

Rank No.5 in the field of Transportation

  • Construction of major and minor roads
  • Construction of highways
  • Construction of freeways
  • Construction of railways
  • Construction of airstrips
  • Construction of bridges and tunnels
  • Construction of underground railways and Metro