• Memberships
Te-tisse Construction Company has done his duties brilliantly in execution of various projects all the time, and has obtained satisfaction of all employers.
The management of this company believes that the following essential items, has risen, the standard level of the company:

  • Programming the implementation of all projects based on foreseen schedules and executing them in due time.
  • To execute projects in high quality and keeping the quality in high level
  • To observe all the national and international standards in execution of all projects
  • To observe all the safety issues in execution of projects by employing a special team

To increase the technical and practical information and by utilizing up-to-date innovations and technologies in execution of projects, this company has been in touch with national and international companies, institutions, and associations, and is a member of professional associations as follows:

  • Member of “Constructions Companies Association” since 1981
  • Member of ” Road Construction Companies Association” since 2006
  • Member of ” Association of Petroleum Industry Engineering and Construction Companies” since 2007
  • Stockholder of Namavaran Mohandesi, International Investment Co.
  • Member of Iranian Concrete Institute.
  • Member of Iranian Tunnelling Association
  • Member of Society of Mass Housing Builders